This Defiant Mind

For my senior thesis project, I developed a visual narrative focused on the American confessional poets of the 1960s. This project involved reading copious amounts of poetry, conducting cultural research, and visual problem solving. I paired excerpts from poems with watercolor portraits to visualize the cultural shifts of the time period, as well as the personal struggles of each poet. I also created corresponding posters and promotional material for the book. 

Market Vitals

As a part of the healthcare marketing team at Rasor Marketing Communications, I helped develop an app launching in 2017, Market Vitals. It takes complicated, messy reports from the NRC and turns them into at-a-glance graphics that bring much needed clarity to mountains of data. The app information can also be exported into PDF reports. I worked with my Rasor team as well as the wonderful programmers at Atomic Robot to create these tools, which we hope will make a big impact in the healthcare industry. 

Polaris Literary Magazine

For three years, I worked as the Art & Design Editor for Polaris, an undergraduate journal of art and literature. My work for Polaris included promotional pieces, merchandise, and the annually published magazine. I also supervised the art genre staff. During my last year, I created a new identity in hopes of laying the foundation for a consistent system for future editors. 

The City of Mason

Through my job at Rasor Marketing Communications, I service the City of Mason in their various design needs. This includes advertising, brand development, environmental graphics, and print and web collateral. I bounce between their Economic Development department and general city projects, working with my team at Rasor to strengthen the different facets of their brand.

In Form Wellness Identity

For one of my freelance clients, I created a small identity system for her growing business. In Form Wellness is dedicated to promoting a holistic lifestyle in both individuals and communities. Rooted in a passion for wellness, yoga, and ayurveda, it combines mental and physical awareness. My identity system is inspired by the five elements, nature, and chakras. It balances symbolism and clean shapes to create a versatile and meaningful system. 

RMC Website Redesign

In the start of 2016, leadership at Rasor Marketing Communications collectively decided that we were in desperate need of a website facelift. I worked with our internal marketing team to develop site wireframes and updated copy, eventually partnering with our web developer to translate my designs into reality. After the new site was launched, we saw increased visits, a boost in SEO traffic, and a steady stream of new business leads. 

Closet Full of Cocktails

Closet Full of Cocktails is a Cincy-based blog run by my dear friend Chelsea. As her blog expanded, she needed a brand to create an effortless consistency throughout her social media and online presence. I created an identity that encapsulated the charming and stylish spirit of her blog, including logo variations, social media graphics, and print collateral. And you can check out Chelsea’s fabulous blog at!  

Go Red For Women &

The Cincinnati Bengals

To promote awareness of heart disease in women, the Cincinnati American Heart Association asked Rasor Marketing Communications to help take over the Bengals vs Steelers game. We developed messaging and created a series of images tying the fight against heart disease to an age-old NFL rivalry. The campaign extended to billboards, online and print ads, flyers, and environmental graphics.

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